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Welcome! Tech Software and Project  Hobbyists

This website will help you to make your own small projects using easily available stuff in the market. The projects utilize cheap & easily available controllers and sensor to accomplish automation tasks.  This platform also explains various techniques to utilize commonly used technical software via small tutorialscover image. The articles, projects and tutorials on this website cannot be found in text books and libraries rather they can be learnt while working in the field . This website is unique in a sense that it not only display different automation projects but also test them in different softwares and present results as well. To the best of our knowledge, other than help2ducate.com, there is not a single blog/site/book which displays the code for all of its projects. Unlike other forums,  the codes and simulation for all projects are available free of cost.

Not only this, we also tried to to explain some basic concepts of engineering which are used in projects made available on this forum. So you do not have to refer to books or other sites to refresh the required concepts for the for the projects. All the required content is displayed in one of our section and linked to relevant articles.

So come and start making your project .You can also share your experience and projects with others. Contact us using the contact us page or visiting the following link. http://projectselectronics.com/contact-us/

An overview of Renewable Energy sources

renewable energy research ideas

Introduction Renewable energy sources are those sources of energy which are replenished back to the nature such as bio mass, solar, wind etc. They sources of energy does not produce harmful effects in the environment. The demand of energy is increasing day by day however the reserves of fossil fuels …

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Power Factor measurement using Microcontroller

The article will help the readers to use microcontroller for power factor measurement using a very simple external circuitry. The article will cover the design calculation, explanation of connection diagram and program to be embedded in microcontroller. In the end, the simulation results of designed power factor meter are presented …

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Introduction to the Power line communication

Introduction Power-line communication is based on electrical signals, carrying information, propagating over the power-line. A communication channel is defined as the physical path between two communication nodes on which the communication signal is propagated. Power line communication (PLC), as the name suggests, provides connectivity using existing power lines as the …

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Digital Frequency meter for sine waves

This article describes the design and construction of microcontroller based digital frequency meter. The circuit is specially designed for sine waves. The auxiliary components for the conversion of sine waves to square, connection diagram and program are presented. The assembly is tested in ISIS Proteus and results are displayed. Introduction …

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