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Arduino Projects

Arduino based Simple Power factor meter

The purpose of this article is to introduce a unique power factor meter based on Arduino. Required components, code, and simulation of Arduino based power factor meter are the  key elements discussed. To verify our design and code, the assembly is simulated in ISIS Proteus and results are presented at the …

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Arduino based Digital frequency counter

In this article we will discuss the construction of Arduino based digital frequency counter.  The code which is needed for this project is also presented. Simulation results are taken for different frequency ranges. Finally results are cross checked by connecting oscilloscope with the sources. Introduction  Since after the introduction of …

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Digital Temperature Controller using Arduino

In this article we will discuss about the Arduino based digital temperature controller using a special sensor called Precision Centigrade Temperature Sensor. We will explain the procedure to display the temperature on LCD as well as on Computer screen. Also the required code for this project is expound. What is digital Temperature …

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How to Measure duty cycle and frequency of PWM Signal

This article covers the exaplantion of Schematic, simulation results and code to measure duty cycle and frequency of PWM  signal using interrupts in Arduino controller. Every step is explained with labelled diagrams. Introduction PWM stands for Pulse width modulation. It is a technique used to provide average power to the motor drives …

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