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Arduino Projects

Ultrasonic sensor based Automatic Door using Arduino

This article is about the application of HC SR04 ultrasonic range sensor to design automatic door using Arduino controller. All the associated details like working principle, connection diagram and program for this project are presented as well as explained. Introduction In present days, the world is moving towards automation. Previously the …

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Simple Arduino based Electronic door lock

In this article we will discuss about the Arduino based electronic door lock. Connection diagram, required components and working principle are explained.  Program required to be burnt in Arduino for this project is also given. Proteus software has been used to simulate and test arduino based electronic door lock. Introduction Door locks …

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Arduino based energy monitor with Emonlib library

In this article we will discuss the design of Arduino based energy monitor. How to use readily available emonLib library in energy monitor. Which components are used in Arduino based energy monitor. Schematic diagram, simulation results and code are also explained in this article. Introduction Energy monitoring is a technique which …

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Arduino based power meter using Emon Library

This article assist the user to construct home made Arduino based power meter. The connection diagram is explained in detail. Code required for this project is presented in the end. For verification, the power meter is tested in Proteus software and the findings are discussed. Introduction to power meter It is …

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